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Japanese Style Blinds

Japanese Style Blinds

Briant Curtains is is proud to offer the new and exciting collection of oriental style roller blinds, panel track and vertical panels made from a unique material called ‘washi’.

Washi, literally meaning ‘Japanese paper’, comes in eight natural colours giving the appearance of clouded paper panels in the window. Seven fresh and bright colours including red, lime and blue are also available. The colour of each segment within the blind can be selected individually providing ultimate flexibility and choice. To compliment the paper style panels there are also four woven washi choices in two-tone natural wooden colourways.

The Luxaflex® Japanese Design Collection is available as three different product styles - roller blinds, panel track and vertical panels. Each of them feature panels intersected with trims in seven unique native wood colours, or in grey aluminium. Choose from three different trim widths 10, 20 or 40mm to suit your style.

Roller Blinds
Perfect for individual windows in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens this unique roller blind gives the appearance of a series of panels with decorative horizontal trims. The blind however, functions as a normal roller blind even with 10mm wooden or aluminium trims. The partially opaque panels allow light in while maintaining privacy wherever it’s required. A simple chain control raises and lowers the blind, or as an option a motorised remote control is also available with the added advantage of retaining the clean linear visual statement of the product.   

Panel Track
Made to measure panel track blinds are available in the whole spectrum of washi colourways and can be used either as a window covering or as a room divider. Hanging from rails (in either grey or white), the washi panel track blind comes in 10 configurations allowing even wide rooms and windows to be screened effectively. The horizontally sliding panels effortlessly part with the use of a pull of a cord or a rod. Opening up a room, or screening an area, can now be done both quickly and stylishly. Choose sleek white panels with a handmade paper veined effect for an ultra contemporary and minimalist look or introduce colour in one, two or more panels to compliment your existing scheme. Create a zen-like home using woven washi panels intersected with natural wooden trims.

Vertical Panels
250mm wide vertical panels complete the Luxaflex® Japanese Design collection and are also available in single, double or triple panel strips, with 20mm or 40mm trims. Available in all colourways, vertical panels can now make a definitive style statement. 

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