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Drawn from documents in the archive, principally from 1930s, Delphine captures the heady essence of summer days and the frosty beauty of autumn mornings, the tranquility and elegance of the herbaceous border and the endless allure of the English cottage garden.
The non-woven wallpapers encompass both bold statement papers and smaller designs to be used on all four walls, making a return to more accessibly scaled motifs, which can be used more extensively without being overpowering.

The collection includes Adele, Iona, Camille, Giselle, Beatrice, Ophelia and Lauren.

We also offer matching curtain fabrics.

Not forgetting the Wallpaper Adhesive, essential for ease of papering.

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10.00

Delphine Giselle Wallcoverings
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Delphine Adele Wallcovering
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Iona Wallcovering
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Camille Wallcovering
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Beatrice Wallcovering
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Ophelia Wallcovering
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Lauren Wallcovering
Price £39.00 £31.20 

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