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The non-woven wallpapers work effortlessly with the fabrics, mirroring or complementing the designs. Some have a delicate woven fabric effect background, whilst others have a white ground, which highlights and enhances Folia’s Scandinavian flavour. The effervescent nature of the collection is reflected in its suitably lively but highly useable range of colours.

The collection includes Verena, Inga, Lucerne, Lacarno, Tembok, Jena, Erin and Sefa.


We also offer matching curtain fabrics.

Not forgetting the Wallpaper Adhesive, essential for ease of papering.

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10.00


Folia Verena
Price £49.00 £39.20 
Folia Inga
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Folia Lucerne
Price £49.00 £39.20 
Folia Lacarno
Price £49.00 £39.20 
Folia Tembok
Price £56.00 £44.80 
Folia Jena
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Folia Erin
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Folia Sefa
Price £39.00 £31.20 

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